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Foster Parent Q&A

We know you have many questions about becoming a foster parent.  Read below to learn more about this process.

How do I learn more about foster parenting?

  1. Meet with a foster care agency to learn about the general requirements, the application process, and what the agency offers to support their foster parents.

  2. Call Maple Star or send us a message to set up a time to meet.

What is the process to become a foster parent?

  1. Complete an application.  Maple Star will assist you with the application process.

  2. Complete 30 hours of training at Maple Star.  We use a nationally established curriculum to teach parents how to work with foster children and their unique needs, as well as parenting strategies.

  3. Complete a background check and provide 7 references.

  4. Complete a home study.  Washoe County HSA will inspect your home.

  5. Maple Star will work with you to place children in your home.

What is specialized foster care?

  • Maple Star is a specialized foster agency with homes that provide full-time care and services for one to six children who require special care for physical, mental, or emotional challenges and who are unrelated to the caregiver(s).

  • Children in specialized foster care receive mental health services including therapy, psychosocial rehabilitation and psychiatric care.

  • Maple Star provides additional training, behavioral health support, and community resources to our foster parents so that they may better support and create a stable environment for the youth placed with them.

  • Foster parents report that additional behavioral services and support have helped to stabilize foster placements and helped prevent less moves and disruptions in youths’ lives.

What are the qualifications to become a foster parent?

  1. 21 years of age or older.

  2. Be in good physical, mental and emotional health.

  3. Must pass background checks at state, federal and local levels.

  4. Have a designated bedroom in the home for a foster child.

  5. Have a steady source of income and demonstrate that the monthly foster care stipend is not needed to fulfill the current household budget.

  6. Be willing to learn new parenting techniques.  

  7. Be willing to participate in Child and Family Team meetings for each child in your home.

  8. You must be able to provide a loving, supportive environment for children.

  9. You may be single, a same-sex couple, married, divorced, or widowed.

What is expected of foster parents?

  1. Able to provide a loving and supportive home for a child

  2. Willing to complete ongoing documentation about the foster children in your home 

  3. Able to provide 24/7 supervision

  4. Able to provide transportation when reasonable

  5. Willing to complete training and licensing process as needed

  6. Willing to work as part of a child’s care team

What is the process to become a foster parent?
Specialized Foster Care
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